Why The Stupid Title?

Good question. The boring answer would be that I am really enamored with Popsicle Pete, the evil, maniacal menace behind Seanbaby's incredibly hilarious comics.

Google him if you dare. Not sure if he's really a "he" though. 

The better answer would be that our world today is so open, anyone with an internet connection has access to a crazy, crazy online world.

For every adorable cat video, there are multitudes of disturbing content that cause the same temporary insanity and fear paralysis that Popsicle Pete's victims experience. In the same way, a harmless browsing session can quickly take a turn for the worse. Hence, none of us are safe. Especially not me.

This blog is here to document my own lack of security from life's many assorted flavors. By reading it, you might not be safe from my cynical, sarcastic, mean, disturbing, and perverse sense of humor.

Enjoy. And remember, whenever bad shit happens to you, it's simply because...


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