Sunday, August 26, 2012

It’s Time To Quit! (Your Lousy Job)

Thanks once again to Raxenne Maniquiz

                Countless of movies (and cheesy life coaches) love to tell us that the difference between a winner and a loser is their resistance towards giving up. While that is somewhat true across all facets of life, there are some instances wherein not giving up is crazier than rolling around buck-ass naked in a burning pig sty. 

As most people in my generation have discovered, it’s easier to find a clean public toilet in Recto during booze-drinking hours than to land a great first job (or second, but who’s counting?). Simply put, there’s a reason why good jobs are so hard to find: everyone wants them. But the problem is, (according to LinkedIn) only 10% of jobs are advertised. The other 90%? Well let’s just say that’s where the saying of “It’s not just what you know, but who you know that matters” comes in.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Generation of Exaggeration

Art by Raxenne Maniquiz


How many times have you seen something like this in your newsfeed? The easy answer is a lot, if you're at or near my age. We are living in the rapidly evolving information age, and boy, have our lives changed tremendously over the last 5 years.

I still remember the days when you DIDN'T HAVE to tell the world what you had for breakfast. Now, I can't go online without seeing someone telling the world how hard his last bout with diarrhea was. "The last time I saw that much blood and guts in a toilet was during my best friend's triplet abortion at a piggery. Not only did we get the service at a discount, there was also free lechon!"  
Okay, maybe not that drastic, but like the title said, this is the generation of exaggeration, and I am no exception.
It's amazing how fast technology has moved, and it seems like we are still struggling to catch up. It's just so easy to put yourself out there in the digital world, and the deceptive harmlessness of doing so encourages some of the most stupidly pointless behavior seen in mankind.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Calamity! The 6 Observations I got from Habagat’s Unholy Rage

We all try to make sense of the craziness that surrounds us every day.  Be it the mind numbingly dumb soap operas on local TV, the illogical lapses in logic of the people you hate, or the cold, unrelenting onslaught brought about the recent floods, we all scratch our heads, thinking aloud on why such things happen in the first place. And yet the one answer we all seemingly default to is so simple: it is what it is. 

Our society loves to idealize every single facet of life.  While we’re all caught up trying to live our lives the way happy, feel good movies usually depict, we usually have no idea (or very little) on what to do once the shit hits the fan. And that my friends, is when reality is poised and all-too-ready to stick a big, hard, throbbing one up our rears.  

Prepare to be screwed over by life. All 12 inches of it.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Walang Katapusang Ka-Machohan (Na Hindi Ko Maintindihan)

Sa ka-una unahang pagkakataon, magsusulat ako dito sa wikang Pilipino. Kung bakit, hindi ko din alam. Gaya ng mga maraming misteryo ng buhay, hindi ko din maipaliwanag kung bakit mas madali para sa akin magbasa at magsulat sa Ingles samantalang araw araw ay nagsasalita ako ng "Tagalog."

Pero tama na tungkol sa wikang ginagamit ko. Malamang lamang kung binabasa mo to nagtataka ka kung bakit yan ang napili kong titulo sa akda na ito. Hmmm. Saan ba tayo magsisimula? Saan pa, eh di sa akin. (Blog ko to eh.)

Bilang lalaking Pilipino may inaasahan na mga katangian sa yo. Depende sa pagkatao mo, malamang iba iba yun, pero malaki ang tiyansa na isa dito ay tumutukoy sa iyo:

Mahilig ka sa tsiks

Matakaw ka

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