Thursday, August 18, 2011

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 For anyone who's wondering about the weird title, I got it from one of my favorite columnists, Seanbaby. Just pure comedic genius. He does a photoplasty of old comics that are hilarious to say the least, and among my favorites of his works is his most "evil" creation, Popsicle Pete. He has a catchphrase at the end of each comic where he goes, "NONE OF YOU ARE SAFE!" I have since integrated that catchy expression in my everyday dealings with my friends, and sad to say, it has not caught on. 

  Late one night, while doing my usual "pondering-about-life-and-all-the-lemons-and-lemonades-we-make-out-of-it",  I had this moment of clarity. I realized how much the information age has become indispensable to our lives, and wondered how things will play out with the younger generations. You know, the kids today who are unable to go through a day without logging on their laptops and iPods. Who have no patience at all. Who cannot, for the lives of their families, differentiate "too" from "to." And most irritatingly, (for me, at least) spell "loser" as "looser", as if there is such a word like that at all! 

   They say you know you're getting older when you start complaining about everything the youth does. You know, like your parents did when you were a teen. But that's what scares me a little. I'm only at the ripe old age of... 22. And here I am, just having graduated, face-palming my forehead at the sight of plankers and kids who wear those ugly, large Supra shoes. I, who wants to scream like a lunatic off my meds at the sight of unbelievably stupid youtube comments, but can't because a: it just looks stupid, b: it's almost genius with how they arrive at such conclusions, and c: I'm too busy laughing my butt off at the sheer ridiculousness of it all.

  But therein lies the reason for this blog's somewhat vague title. Young and old, rich and poor, educated or not, NONE OF US ARE SAFE. From what exactly, you might ask? Well for starters, the basics: Death and taxes. After that comes our internet habits spilling off into our real lives. Procrastination, trolling, and a lot more. Consider yourself lucky if you were born before the 90's. Most of the people I know from that generation have been hopelessly ingrained into the internet apocalypse. At the risk of being called a paranoid cynic, let me just say that I for one, do not consider this whole "everyone's getting dumber, look out world" situation to be such a big deal. After all, most of our modern blessings have yielded unexpected, and unwanted results.  We just deal with it, like in all matters of life, be they important or not. 

  But wait, what am I doing online, in a blog, bitching about the internet when I'm on it a lot? What a hypocrite I am! The answer, sadly is simple:


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