Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Oh just random things I observe/realize every now and then!

 Since I write longer than I intend to on 95% of everything, I decided to just make this short and ramble-free by making a list of random things I have observed and realized as a 22 year old not-so-fresh-anymore graduate living in the Philippines.

-The "OH YES! NO MORE SCHOOL" satisfaction does not last very long. It in turn gets eventually replaced by the:

-"I SO MISS SCHOOL RIGHT NOW" --because friends and allowances are not as accessible anymore

-"Geez, getting a job was a lot harder than I thought it would be" --and you thought getting in your desired school was tough.

-"I am definitely going to finish this project as soon as possible, just 5 more minutes online.." --yet another one of our generation's many flaws

-"Mom, it's just a video game" -- Dad grew up watching mob films and he doesn't throw people in the river, does he? Doesn't he?

-"Oh look yet another Filipino got an award (interchangeable with got a viral vid/met Hollywood A-lister) for something overseas" --why are we so desperate for international attention/approval?

-"This guy is a heathen! Crucify him, lest he infect more misguided souls!" --seriously?! Crappy art is a crime punishable by death now?

-"English is the language of the learned?! So Filipino is only for the masses? Sapakin ko kaya tong konyo na to?!" --Lahat na lang ba ng hindi natin kaparehas ng pananaw uupakan nalang natin?!

-Why do we feel it is necessary to put a "haha" to soften an otherwise harsh (jokingly, of course) comment when texting or replying online?

-We really need to stop getting offended by criticisms about our society, whether they come from foreigners or locals. --we should instead ask ourselves, what reasons did he/she have for saying that?

-I still don't understand why our actors are REQUIRED to sing and dance on Sunday afternoon variety shows. --despite being ill-advised to do so.

-When will we stop patronizing mediocrity in our entertainment industry? --Is it a matter of audience demand, or producers' unwillingness to deviate from the proven, albeit, overdone-to-death formula?

-There is something awfully addictive about instant pancit canton-- I suspect it's the massive amount of MSG.

-Your parents will never truly understand our generation-- which is ok, since we will never fully understand the next one anyway.

-Yes, even your best friends are talking about you behind your back-- GET OVER IT. You do the same anyway.

-You will be surprised at how much more you'll find out about a person when you talk to their enemies-- it then becomes a matter of plausibility and trusting how well you know them as their friend.

-Being adventurous with food has its perks. --but the downsides can be pretty ugly.

-When in doubt, Google it. --unless the answer is obviously not gonna be on the web, in which case you are screwed. Which is why...

-Use your head before it rots! People survived fine without the internet, you know. --I do believe the internet has made us collectively dumber. On the upside..

-Even the most un-funny people can make you rip out in laughter with a web-link." --Ah there is hope for us geeks after all! Since I believe that..

-"The geeks shall inherit the Earth!" --Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, etc. Your argument is invalid. The world has changed thanks to them because..

-"NONE OF US ARE SAFE!" --from death, taxes, and the technological revolution. Who knows what they'll come up with next. And how it will affect us all. And by them I mean..

-The Internet Generation makes me scared for the future of mankind. If they are anything at all like their web activity, then God help us all!

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